The PFC Pledges


Pacific FC empowers athletes to achieve. We create character in young athletes by a commitment to a higher level of competition and the mastery of the fundamentals of soccer. From there we can develop advanced skills and achieve great things. We balance that drive and commitment with a love and enjoyment of the journey and an awareness of our role in the community. This happens every day as we support the coaches, players, and parents of our club and work to instill a life-long love of the game.


I believe in my athletes and the spirit of the game. I respect each of my players and pledge to improve their skills as well as my own. My goal is to build character in my athletes through training and competing at a higher level while keeping things fun, exciting and competitive. I am committed to cultivating in all of my players the value of teamwork, the importance of community, the drive to be the best they can be on and off the field, and a life-long love of the game.


I choose to improve as a soccer player, teammate, and ambassador of the sport. I will show up on time, prepared and ready to give my best and to be coachable. I will improve my skills and knowledge of the game to become as strong physically and mentally as I can. I will always demonstrate respect for my coaches, teammates, opponents and referees. I commit to learning and applying the things sport can teach me and using them to achieve my goals, both in soccer and in life.


I am committed to my child’s growth as a person and an athlete because I love watching them play, develop, be active and have fun. I will be a positive role model and will support the coach’s decisions while enjoying my child’s journey and effort to achieve more. I will demonstrate respect for all players and referees. Above all, I will always applaud good attitude and fine play, will reinforce the lessons of sportsmanship and encourage a love of the game.


About The Club

We are a Select Soccer Alliance that prides itself on having options for SW Washington soccer players who are interested in a more challenging environment and want to develop their skills. Through our Alliance we provide advanced competition soccer for all eligible U10 through U19 players.


Our guiding principles are: inclusivity, performance, integrity and respect.


Information on recreational-level soccer can be found at our member clubs websites: Vancouver West SC and Pacific SC.